Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Joys of Sewing

Welcome, again, to the parlor of the young seamstress. Her dear husband has bartered for a commoner's style machine (Brother LX-3125) for what it would cost to purchase a motor for her old machine (Bernina 831). When we spoke to the repair-mistress, she said that it sounded like the motor had died. She said that the last motor she had gotten for a Bernina was $65 and that was a long time ago. We prayed about it and figured that a Wall-lot purchase, if it broke or didn't work, could be returned for our chickens used in the bartering. The machine is least louder than the Bernina, but it works.
I made this tiny quilt for practice in piecing and machine quilting. I didn't want a "doily" or hotpad, so I'll be adding a zipper at the top and closing the sides to make a bag like this one (scroll down to see golden bag) to hold my new (EXTREMELY SHARP) rotary cutter. Yup, already cut my finger. It's healed now, but a vivid reminder for me to pay closer attention to how I handle the rotary cutter.
I have the aforementioned fabric for a quilt as well as old jeans for a rag quilt. I have more denim and flannel shirts packed away, so I will wait to make that one.

Here's a picture of my sewing area. It is in the playroom/storage of packed stuff room. This is our first kitchen table & I like it sooooo much, but it's just too small for a family of 9! Oh well, I guess I need a sewing table anyways! The mat is my mom's (thanks mom!) and the white box used to be a open cube table with wheels. The wheels broke off and I'm using it as my heavy-duty project box that babies cannot see or get into!! I haven't decided whether to make this denim dress into a skirt or to just sew up the front that snaps all the way down.

That's all here. I have my computer set up and hope to be posting more as long as I am sewing more!!

Have a great new year!