Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Tale Of A Quilt

Once upon a time, a young lady wished to make a quilt. She did not have the right tools for the job, but she was a hard-worker and knew there could be another way. She decided that if she couldn't make her first choice quilt, then she would look to see if there was something else she could make from other fabric. She did find a lovely quilt-along with wonderful prizes and a place where the beautiful quilts were to be shown.

Alas, for the young lady was easily distracted by pre-cut triangles that danced in her box of fabric.
They had been bought for a mere pittance at the town's day of sales and there they were, no scissors required to begin piecing this quilt. As she began to pair the pieces to be sewn, five of her six children (for the youngest slumbered) begged to play with the dancing triangles. They quickly paired the dancers and all was ready to sew. The day progressed, much work and toil above the regular duties of the young lady (for she worked strongly beside her husband in his labors), but she looked forward to seeing those lovely triangles turn into squares.

Finally, the time came and she dashed away to the sewing machine to begin. The storm began to rage outside, but its cool breeze refreshed her. She was just getting a rhythm of motion, when suddenly, out of the dark, gloomy sky...the machine stopped working. Checking everything, the young lady resigned to the fact that now was not the time for such joyous splendor of fabric.

As she finished checking her correspondence, her husband came upstairs from working in the grueling restoration of their Lord's castle. The young lady told her woes to her husband and asked if he had worked on the electrical. "Yes" he said. She told him to what that certain wiring was connected and then he said, "Just the sewing machine?!" incredulously, since the oil lamp had not been extinguished nor any other item affected.

So, as you can surmise, the young lady saw that she had been drawn away from the lovely quilt, but bearing no ill will toward her husband, would soon return to her endeavors.


This is the skirt. I already wore it & I didn't iron it for the picture. I added a panel to the front because I was too quick to cut it out that I forgot to add the seam allowance. It's definitely roomy, but I don't mind. Next one I'll pay attention and make to fit more trimly.

My mods were: panel to front, french seams, pleated ruffle, no zig-zag stitching.

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