Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adorable Skirt and Ruffle Top

First Sewing Project:

I didn't realize how much I enjoyed sewing. I went through my "bucket" of fabric and sorted from clothes to make, things I haven't figured what I'm going to make for the past 15 years and quilts. I have my container of quilt makings in storage, so I had to find more cotton!!

I cut out this adorable skirt as my practice skirt in this stretch (only slightly stretch) cotton. Now all I need to do is sew it together.

I want to see how this comes out then I have a lovely light blue floral that I intend to make into jumpers for the 2 baby girls (Purple-age 3, and Red-age 2), and a matching outfit like mine for the 7 almost 8 yr old (Pink). Here's the Ruffle Top I'd like to make to match the skirt.

I'm going to be trying to do my sewing in the evenings. I am actually jumping up and down in excitement to be back to doing what I truly love!! SEWING!!!

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  1. That skirt and top are super CUTE! Just finished sewing for the little ones and now I totally want to make these too, So glad you posted this link!