Monday, May 25, 2009

Just One More Thing...

I forgot to mention that those three fat quarters in front of the shirt material are William Morris Prints. They are just the loveliest fabrics. My mom and I went to a quilt shop when I was in my teens or early 20's and she said for me to pick out a few that I liked. A few...William Morris!!! One day I will own bolts of his fabric!!

I also remembered that it hasn't been 20 years since I last quilted. I made my first quilt 20 years ago, but then the first 2 weeks my hubby and I were married, while he went to work, I cut out (with the only scissors I had-pinking shears) and pieced (with my Bernina sewing machine wedding gift from my parents) my first quilt after being married! That was 8, almost 9 years ago. I also started a yellows/golds/creams pinwheel quilt when I was expecting our first born-that would be about 8 years ago. So, I haven't been without for as long as I thought, though it has seemed that way.

Ok, while surfing and looking for ideas for quilt blocks, I happened upon a way to cut out a perfect 5-pointed star. I love symmetry, so here's the link so you can have a fun paper project with the little ones or even show your buddies what you can do!

Since I was hitting a mental road block as to the design of my quilt, I decided to ask hubby. I showed him a few quilts that I liked the colors and blocks and he would mainly say, "no" but when he saw this one:

he said it looked like it belonged in "gramma's log cabin" "something you just want to wrap up and be warm in". I figured it must be the design to use. I even showed a quilt with similar colors, but he didn't like the colors or design! Ok, that finalizes the design & I only hope that the colors I have to use will work! I'm thinking of possibly tea-dyeing the white fabric I have before I even cut out blocks from it. Hmmm...I guess you'll just haveta wait and see!

I did get out my fabric tonight, after being way too long looking at quilts online. I'll get to actually cutting it, Lord willing, tomorrow. I've figured the math and am satisfied that I have more than enough fabric (I didn't figure the border, yet) and am eager to begin the wonderful process.

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  1. Good choice -- I like it it seems it would be easy to do.

    I'll be interested to see how your tea stained effort goes -- I have a project I'd love to try that on but not sure I'm brave enough to do it.