Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quilting Bug

Yesterday, I picked out the fabric I would like to use for my quilt. I started to take apart the dress (gold flowers on burgandy) and I need to take apart the shirt. I guess this is called "repurposing". This shirt is something my hubby won't be wearing and I just loved the paisleys and thought it would be perfect for something one day. The day has finally come!

I have several ideas floating around my mind, but I think simplicity will rule over anything else.
I've determined to have 12" blocks with 6" and 3" designs. I don't know exactly what all I will incorporate, but I figured I'll just make one 12" block at a time. I must remember that 12" is the size I want it to be finished, so back to figuring before I cut anything.

Here are the fabrics, except for that blue floral next to the pink is supposed to be with the darks-I was on autopilot. It's mostly divided (clockwise starting with far right) darks, lights and mediums. I also have lots of white, some muslin and some sheets that I had used to make pillow cases.

Hope you enjoy the progress as much as I enjoy the sewing!!

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